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Vote Loud, Speakeasy holiday party

Vote Loud, Speakeasy holiday party

Come share some Speakeasy holiday cheer on Dec. 4

Holiday party

Nevada County

Giving Tuesday

 Even with all the work done by volunteers on the Board and in our membership. the League needs funds to carry out our work effectively and to reach all corners of our community. We are carefully planning our voter registration efforts, Get Out the Vote campaign, Canidate Forums, Pros and Cons and the many ways to disseminate voter information for Primary Elections in March and the General Election in November 2024. Your donations mean the world to us and enable us to do this important work. Donate here!

Mayme Morrison

Meg Curry tells the story of Mayme Morrison, the trailblazing suffragist from Rough and Ready who rode her horse throughout Nevada County registering voters. 

De-Polarizing Political Conversations

The November newsletter is packed with information about our November 16 event, "De-Polarizing Political Conversations," our Vote Loud, Speakeasy holiday party on Dec. 4, civic and community meetings and much more.

Browse newsletter editions going back to 2017. 

group of mental health professionals in a circle

What can you do if you or a loved one is struggling with depression, psychotic behavior, addiction, severe anxiety or other mental health issues? There are many resources and helping hands in Nevada County.

Property owners Laura and Craig Rohrsen and members of the Nevada County Historical Society and Historical Landmarks Commission attend a dedication ceremony for the Kentucky Ridge Mine Site plaque.

Megafires, prolonged drought, Category 5 storms, sea level rise, and new disease vectors. These are the worsening climate catastrophes we are seeing play out across the U.S.

Law enforcement and mental health community leaders discuss the Crisis Team program, which provides 24-hour services to any adult or child in the community in a mental health or emotional crisis.